Becoming Animal-Friendly

In recent years, I’ve made attempts to maintain a cruelty-free makeup collection, but it wasn’t till a couple months ago that I decided I wanted to go all in. And this didn’t only apply to my makeup — I am currently working on phasing out cleaning supplies and other toiletries that are sold by companies who either test on animals or sell in China (for more information on how that works, click here). However, I have also decided to continue using brands that are cruelty-free but may be owned by parent companies who are not. This is a complex issue with a lot of nuances, and perhaps in the future, I’ll change my mind, but that would also mean saying goodbye to The Body Shop, NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay, etc. And I’m just not quite ready to do that so long as they stay out of the Chinese market.

[For clarification, I am not vegan and do not insist upon my makeup products being as such; the same goes for chemical ingredients.]

And because SOME COMPANIES WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED BUT RHYME WITH MARS have decided, in an odd turn of events, to go from staying out of China’s business to selling full throttle, it occurred to me that I really need to sit down and commit to this once and for all. That means saying goodbye to a few beloved brands/products.

I feel like I’m going through a break-up.

Make Up For Ever — I somehow missed out on the fact that MUFE is sold in China, first falling in love with their Smoky Extravagant mascara (literally the greatest of all mascaras in the history of makeup throughout all time, and I’m actually heartbroken over this) and then their Ultra HD foundation. So I guess I’ll stock up on my falsies and lash glue because I’ve yet to find another mascara that works the wonders of the Smoky Extravagant. As far as foundation goes, I’m lucky enough to have more options readily available to me (Smashbox recently pulled OUT of the Chinese market *applause* and there’s always Tarte, BECCA, Wet n Wild, etc.), but that’s still frustrating because it’s a seriously good formula. They also do a great job at featuring Korean MUAs/models without making a big deal out of it. Damn you, MUFE.

NARS — whoops I said their name. I’ve kind of been on the fence about NARS, what with their abnormally sexual product names, but their Radiant Creamy Concealer is holy grail status, and I’ve been happy with their All-Day Luminous Weightless foundation (but the BECCA Luminous is almost identical and — most importantly — cruelty-free). I will find another concealer, I’m sure.

NARS creamy concealer

Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2017

Skin Food — I somehow failed to do any research into Korean skincare products before diving in head first, falling in love with nearly every product I’ve tried, and marveling at how remarkable my skin improvement has been in the past couple of years. I use Skin Food’s Black Sugar Scrub, Peach Sake serum and emulsion, and the Rice Mask, all of which I’ve grown quite fond with exception of the serum (does it actually do anything? I don’t think so). I feel fairly confident I will be able to find a LUSH mask that can replace the two I’m using by Skin Food, and I already have a serum I strayed from and will return to easily.

The Face Shop — Another Korean skincare brand, I use the rice cleansing oil as a precleanse, and it’s a REAL pity I have to give this one up. Compared to other cleansing oils (or, say, coconut oil), it’s very lightweight and rinses well, while still adding that boost of hydration your skin often needs during cleansing. It also has a really lovely scent. I’ve yet to find another that will take its place, but I’m also in the process of trying out NeoGen, a Korean skincare brand that IS leaping bunny certified, and there may be something by them that will suffice.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off pic 1-900x900

Etude House, Tony Moly, Dermal, Laniege — I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, so these are other Korean brands whose products I adore and who I need to say sayonara to as soon as I run out. ISO: a nice Korean toner, masks in adorable packaging, sheet masks, and a great night cream.

Luckily, I’ve been able to navigate through the world of cruelty-free beauty and abstained from purchasing from non-cruelty free brands (aside from that little stint with Maybelline because they claimed a cruelty-free status while, you know, selling in China). *insert eye roll*

At the end of the day, I have to do what feels right to me, and what feels right is standing up against animal testing — I have a dog and two cats whom I love and die a little thinking about being tortured, literally, to death. And I like to think that the more focus is put on the companies staying away from China, the more our voices will be heard.


Influenster: L’Oréal Revitalift

I’ve decided to include all the products Influenster sends me in my blog reviews because it allows me to be much more thorough in my assessment of each product.

My most recent box included L’Oréal Revitalift Triple Action moisturizer. The claims are that it will deeply hydrate skin, increase firmness (upon application and over time), and reduce the appearance of fine lines (within two weeks and over time). I was asked to use the moisturizer morning and night and to abstain from using other skincare products to ensure I could see the full effects of it alone. I admittedly couldn’t really do that because YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY KOREAN SKINCARE, but I only used my essence, sugar scrub (once over the course of two weeks), and my Lush Mask of Magnaminty (once over the course of two weeks) because my pores were getting super clogged. This wasn’t due to the product as much as my enormous pores that let anyone in the door, even strangers, and then lets them stay long-term.



Before – Photo Copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2017

I’m going to start with the bad so I can end on a positive note.

  • L’Oréal is not animal-friendly. Because they sell in China, whose law requires all beauty products sold within the country to be tested on animals, they are not leaping bunny approved. Depending upon your level of dedication to being animal-friendly, this may or may not be a dealbreaker for you. For me, it is. I wasn’t aware that I would be sent a L’Oréal product till after I gave my word that I would use the product as instructed and provide an honest review, so I decided to go forward with the program. However, I would never purchase a L’Oréal product, regardless of how good it may be, and I wish they would stop lining their pockets and instead pull out of the Chinese market till the laws change.
  • No SPF. Because this is a morning and night product, they decided to not include any SPF, which meant every morning I had to apply it and then top it with an SPF. I’m not sure about you, but that is the most annoying thing of life to me. Especially where I use the Korean 10-step regimen, I really don’t need to be layering on even more products.
  • Super thick texture. While this works just fine for a night cream, applying what feels like that to my skin in the morning under my makeup isn’t ideal. And then because I had to top it with an additional SPF, my skin felt constantly heavy and thick all day long. It also didn’t wear well under makeup.
  • Didn’t fulfill its claims. Because I’m genetically blessed and pre-disposed to not really age until I’m 200 years old, I have no opinion on whether it helps with fine lines. As far as firming up my skin and improving texture, I saw no difference during the two weeks. I wish it had improved the texture of my skin and firmed it up, but I feel like my skin looks just the same as it did two weeks ago.

The Good:

  • Really lovely scent. I know this is because it doesn’t have SPF, so it’s a catch-22, but I’d say this was the best scented moisturizer I’ve ever used.
  • Excellent moisturizer. Despite not seeing any difference in the firmness of my skin, I did notice a MAJOR improvement in overall hydration. In fact, that is so impressive that (if they were animal-friendly), I would purchase it for that and that alone. My skin has felt incredibly soft and smooth with no dry patches (aside from the tip of my nose that was healing from a sunburn).
  • Not oily. It isn’t a matte product — don’t get the wrong idea here — but it didn’t make my already oily skin any oilier than normal. I was pleasantly surprised by this because of how thick and rich it is.

Final Verdict
I can’t in good conscience recommend this product as I am making great strides to become as cruelty-free and animal-friendly as possible (I still use makeup by companies who are not leaping bunny certified, primarily because I was unaware when I purchased them and do not plan on tossing out mostly full items, but I am phasing them out and don’t have plans to purchase them again in the future). It also didn’t seem to fulfill all its claims, but I can’t stress enough how remarkably hydrated my skin has felt the past couple of weeks. I plan on finishing out the container, using it only as a night cream, because I don’t want to be excessively wasteful, but I will not purchase it in the future. If L’Oréal were an animal-friendly company, I think my overall impression would be more favorable.

Thank you to Influenster and L’Oréal for sending this to me free for my honest review!



Current Favorites

I’m deeply troubled that I haven’t blogged for 10 straight months. I obviously need to get my butt in gear AND buy more stuff. (Probably I don’t need to buy more stuff.)

CaptureAnd since it’s mid-month and I’ve been using new items since May ended, I figured I’ll just give you a general round-up of my current favorites and then get back on track with the monthlies. To keep this brief, I’m limiting myself to the crème de la crème items that I consider ride or die.

NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundation ($14): I purchased this at a NYX store near my home, and to be honest, the only reason I bought anything was because I was so freakin excited I live near a NYX store! As soon as I walked out the door, I had buyer’s remorse, thinking I’d made a mistake, I didn’t need more foundations, all the usual feelings post-makeup buying, but that went away as soon as I started using it. It only takes about six drops to cover my entire face with a nice light-medium coverage, and it blends out really nicely with an oval brush or a beauty blender. It’s replaced my NARS All-Day Luminous Weightless foundation, and it has a fantastic price point!


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2017

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder ($4.99): I was lucky enough to find Precious Petals at my local CVS (or was it Rite Aid? Walgreen’s? I know nothing), and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Wet n Wild highlighters are really hit or miss for me — some are velvety and soft and pack a super pigmented punch like this one, and some are dry, powdery, and lackluster. This rivals some higher end highlights for me, and I find myself reaching for it constantly. It especially looks gorgeous layered on top of Marc Jacobs Dew Drops.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer ($23): When I first bought this, I was underwhelmed, but then I figured out how to best use it, and I’m hooked! I love the angled tip that allows me to fill in the fuller part of my brows but also draw in hairstrokes. Sharpening it is a breeze, and it’s lasting forever. It’s going to be difficult for me to ever go back to a traditional brow pencil, and my Dipbrow has gone untouched for months now!

Nivea Smoothness Lip Care with SPF 15 (approx. $3): I picked this up completely at random when I was at the drugstore because I couldn’t find any of my lip balms at home (I later found them because of course I did). This is honestly the best lip balm I’ve EVER used. Recently, I went back to a more natural one that ended up making my top lip numb for a few days and left my lips utterly chapped and cracked — yikes! This has saved my lips and leaves them really hydrated and supple, without that waxy feeling that can occur a few hours after application. I’m going to stock up!

e.l.f. cosmetics Contour Palette ($6): I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this palette for quite awhile now but was mega happy with my tarte Park Ave. Princess Amazonian clay matte bronzer, so I didn’t think I needed to try it. But I caved one day and placed an order for several items I’ve been hearing about a lot and this has really stood out to me. While the highlighting powders are very mediocre, the contouring and bronzer powders are soooo nice. They blend beautifully over all my foundations without skipping on the skin or appearing patchy, and they have the perfect amount of pigmentation. Even though the highlight powders aren’t very good, I still think this is a major bargain for the price point.

elf cosmetics

Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2017


What have some of your favorite items been lately? Tell me in the comments!!!


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July Favorites

Some of these may be carry overs from June since I, you know, never blogged about them. And this is going to be long  because of that and 100 points to Gryffindor if you make it through this entire post! And shockingly there were no fails, but that’s probably because I’ve forgotten about them. Also, this pic is just full of May favorites I’ve already blogged about, so if there’s anything you see that isn’t mentioned, go to this post. Is it super lame that I’m not retaking the picture so it actually reflects this month? Probably. I’ll change it out later (I say that now, but I bet I won’t).



Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette ($42)
I mean, whoa. Not only is this palette full of rich, beautiful colors, it has a great mix of mattes and shimmers (unlike her Self-Made palette, which is one of the most disappointing palettes of my life). The formula has changed as well, and while there’s a pretty decent amount of kickback, you’re also getting buttery smooth, super pigmented shadows that perform better than any others I’ve used. Worth every penny, trust me.

RCMA No Color Powder ($12)
This translucent powder is everything I’ve ever wanted to set my face with and more. It’s velvety, performs beautifully, blends out and has no flashback, and it keeps me as oil-free as any product possibly can for a pretty decent amount of time (I am a terribly oily girl).

NYX Matte Finish setting spray ($8)
This is hands down the best setting spray I’ve found at the drugstore. It doesn’t smell awful, it works really well, and I love the matte finish. This is awesome if you have naturally oily skin!

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence ($17)
For those of you who’ve been following me awhile, you know I’m deep down the rabbit hole of Korean skincare. I’d been really unhappy with my last essence (it literally did nothing, and I didn’t understand why people raved about it), so I decided to give this one a shot and wow. Now I understand why people love essence. It basically fixes everything about your skin in one little bottle. It also has a pleasant, mild scent, and a serum-like texture.

ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip in Dohee ($6)
This is a collar with @imjennim and to be perfectly honest, I purchased it because she’s Korean and we need to stick together. But it turns out that this is honestly one of my most favorite liquid lipsticks ever — if I didn’t have a gazillion others, I’d wear this all the time. The texture is perfect, it wears really nicely (and pretty long, too), and the color is bombtastic.

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara + Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara
Ok, I know I’ve mentioned both mascaras in other posts, but lemme tell you, one day I thought “Maybe I’ll combine them and see what happens,” and that is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I have fantastically short lashes that are primarily covered by my monolid, but two coats of Smoky Extravagant (I don’t even need a lash curler anymore) topped with one coat of Better than Sex (honestly, whoever named this has never had sex) makes for some great volume, curl, and length.

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer concealer ($26)
Ok, so if you read my May Favorites and Fails, then you’re probably wondering why on earth this is on this list right now. Guys, sometimes my first impression of a product is really really horrendous and then over time, I realize that it’s actually awesome. I think the combination of my skin’s texture at the time + not using the right setting powder contributed to me not liking this concealed, but honestly it’s amazing. It’s NOT crepe city as I originally thought, it has incredible coverage but is really lightweight, and it lasts through the day really well. The scent is awful, though. I’m still sticking with that — straight up wall paint, but it does dissipate pretty quickly. I retract my previous review that it’s a fail, and I’m absolutely going to repurchase.

Mario Badescue Enzyme Revitalizing Mask ($20)
Hahahahahaha both of May’s fails ended up on my favorites list this month. Go figure. Same as the Tarte concealer, my first impression was bad and then over time, I used it more and fell in love. Also like the Tarte concealer, the scent still sucks, unfortunately, but I’m pushing through.

What were some of your favorites last month? Did you get your hands on a bunch of the newest releases?

ColourPop Lip Products: A Full Comparison


I have a well-documented love of ColourPop Cosmetics – I purchase items from the company nearly every month and have at least one item in every one of their categories, ranging from super shock eyeshadows (the best eyeshadows of life) to the brow pencil to their highlighters and bronzers. My knees go a little weak whenever they release something new — the collaborations are innovative, the seasonal collections are beautiful and well thought out, and the products continue to improve all the time.

Jerks. The whole lot of them.

Because I’ve made myself something of a ColourPop connoisseur, I get a lot of questions from friends and clients about what differentiates each of the lip lines and what’s best for their needs. And, of course, I have at least three products from each line (of course) and at least one of every finish because I am so extra like that. In this post, I’m going to outline every single one of them, their pros and cons, and hopefully you can decide what it is you want (although I really think you should want it all).

For starters, all Lippie Pencils and Lippie Stix (regardless of finish) are $5 each. FIVE DOLLARS. All Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Satin Lips are $6 each, making them the least expensive liquid lipsticks on the market that are also really, really, really fantastic.

Lippie Pencils
These are your basic lip pencil (matte finish) — nearly every lipstick has a coordinating pencil, so you can be pretty well guaranteed that your lip pencil stash will grow exponentially. These are the best lip pencils I’ve ever used — they’re so super duper creamy and have a great lasting power, plus they don’t bleed into the skin (and keep your lipstick from doing so as well). Despite having several brands of lip pencils, I tend to only reach for my ColourPop because they’re superior to all others.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

At time of publication, there are 60 Lippie Pencils from which to choose, from neutrals to bright reds to even a fantastic aquamarine perfect for spring and summer (and the especially bold.

Lippie Stix
These are what started it all for me. I’d heard great things about their lipsticks and decided to buy just a few, and then I won the Spring 2015 collection in its entirety, and my lifelong addiction was born. They come in eight different finishes:

  • Sheer
  • Cream
  • Glossy
  • Hyper Glossy
  • Satin
  • Pearlized
  • Matte
  • Matte X

The Glossy and Hyper Glossy are not my favorites, but that’s largely because I’m not particularly fond of gloss in general. The sheer made its debut last summer and didn’t catch on very much, and I don’t know why because it’s a great formula. It still has a really nice pigmentation despite being called sheer (although even as I say this, I have to admit that I only have one in that line). The cream and satin are like your basic lipsticks you can buy from nearly every brand, except theirs are highly pigmented with an excellent wear. I’ve yet to try the pearlized, although there is currently only one shade. The matte were absolutely my favorite finish in the entire collection, but then … then, you guys, they released matte x.

A moment of silence for the matte x.

This is the greatest lipstick formula of life. It’s SUPER matte but also magically hydrating, leaving your lips feeling velvety all day long. Despite not being branded as a longwear item (like liquid lipstick), it has an incredible longevity that lasts easily through eating and drinking. I recommend this one for anyone who likes a matte finish but doesn’t like the issues that may arise with a liquid lipstick.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

At time of publication, there are 79 Lippie Stix from which to choose, which means you’ll need to save up $395 to own the entire collection. I think that’s entirely worth it.

Ultra Matte Lip
These were the first drugstore-priced liquid lipsticks to hit the scene. There have been some complaints about the packaging (some leakage issues) and dryness (like, major dryness), but overall, they’re some of the best liquid lipsticks you can buy even in comparison to higher end. They’re also *coughs* the same thing as the Kylie lip kits, while being INSANELY cheaper, and you don’t lose your soul or dignity by purchasing them because they don’t have a Kardashian name attached to them. I own three from the line (so many lipsticks, so little time) and have no complaints about them — I haven’t experienced leakage or any dryness worse than other brands, and their longevity has been awesome. Midi and Solow last through even burgers and fries (no, seriously), and Trap only needs a little bit of touch-up post eating. I will say they aren’t the best for touch-ups like other brands I’ve used — they have a tendency to get a little crumbly when you layer them, but that is a pretty small price to pay in my opinion.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

At time of publication, there are 47 Ultra Matte Lips from which to choose with fun names like Chilly Chili, Kapow, and Shimmy. All the cool kids are buying them.

Ultra Satin Lip
These the newest collection to hit ColourPop’s site (the matte x are still Lippie Stix, so I consider them the newest line), and they’ve made waves. A longwearing (though not transfer-proof) lip product with a satin finish and nice stain, it’s pretty innovative. They apply like a liquid lipstick without the massive dry lip experience, and because they stain the lips, even as they wear off, it’s very gradual and subtle. I’ve only had one dud in the four I’ve ordered (though one I haven’t worn yet), and that was Botanical, so I haven’t included it in my swatch photo. It applied patchy and crumbled off my lips, with little to no stain, but the others have been fantastic. They’re lipstick elevated, and I’m absolutely reaching for them more than traditional lipsticks.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

At time of publication, there are 24 fantastic satiny colors from which to choose. Because there are so few, that obviously means you can buy them all (except Botanical. I wouldn’t recommend that one). These are especially great for travel!

So. 210 beautiful lip products all calling your name, no more than $6 apiece. Which will you purchase first???

May Favorites and Fails

May was a pretty decent month in terms of new discoveries (in fact, not one item here is one I’ve been using for forever and have suddenly decided I love it — I actually purchased all these or began using them in the month of May). I will try to get a YouTube video up about these soon!


Beauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner
I mean, this is the best disinfecting in-between deep cleanings spray I’ve ever used ever. Glamzilla mentioned it in her favorites video, and I was perusing Beautylish one day, saw it, and figured I’d give it a shot. The price point is not my favorite, but it works SO SO well. I even had a couple concealer buffing brushes that had been stained and no other brush cleaner (solid, soap, what have you) was taking care of it. Beauty So Clean literally made them white again. I sound like an awful informercial, but the stuff is gold.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

ColourPop Cosmetics Matte X collection
My next post is going to be a full comparison/rundown of all the different finishes of ColourPop lip products (because you know I own at least one of every type BECAUSE I AM SO EXTRA). Matte X is hands down my favorite — hydrating, mega matte, super pigmented, comfortable, wears well, $5 a pop, vegan.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

H&M Bronzer
Naturally the shade I purchased and am madly in love with is sold out (Natural Bronze). I know I’m really late to the H&M makeup game, but they were having a sale on select products and free shipping (the H&Ms in my area don’t carry makeup), and I just went for the gold. This bronzer is so buttery velvety good with a fantastic color payoff and blendability. Seriously get yourself one today — $9.99, and it’s better than most high-end bronzers (for real). Packaging is a little flimsy but still looks chic.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara
WHY. IS. NO. ONE. TALKING. ABOUT. THIS. I kept receiving samples of this from Sephora and would kind of let them expire before tossing them because people are raving about Too Faced Better Than Sex (also a favorite, so no shade here) or Benefit’s mascaras (honestly some of my least favorites of all time), so I figured it wasn’t worth trying. False. This is the best mascara I’ve ever tried — my favorite combo is two coats of it plus one coat of Better Than Sex on the tips, and I have super long, luscious, curled, defined, separated, volumized lashes. It’s so so so good.

Tony Moly Cat’s Wink clear pact
If we’re going to be really honest here, I don’t know that this powder is any better than any other pressed powder in existence. But the package is shaped like a cat, and till you use it enough, there’s a cat paw embossed on it. Like, honestly, that is why it’s one of my favorite products. I just love cats.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

Ofra Cosmetics You Glow, Girl highlight
I finally got my hands on this highlighter after everyone and their dog had been using it for months and months. A collaboration between Ofra and the DupeThat girls, it’s such a unique color that I had to have it. It’s a little pink, a little frosty, a little silver, a little lavender, and the formula is incredible. Like the most pigmented highlighter of my entire life — a little goes a very long way.


Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer concealer
So the problem, naturally, is that I am now stuck with a $19 concealer (bought it on sale from Tarte directly) that smells like house paint and leaves my under eye area looking the worst it possibly could. Crepe city, it accentuates everything I couldn’t possibly want accentuated, and the smell is just so so strong and off-putting. I keep hoping that perhaps my undereye area will suddenly become flawless and perfect so this concealer won’t end up in the trash, but I’m afraid it probably will. If you don’t have the smoothest baby butt skin under your eyes, this is a huge no.

Mario Badescue Enzyme Revitalizing Mask
An esthetician friend of mine said, “You need an enzyme mask,” and Mario Badescu is a good brand, plus it was on sale at Ulta, so I bought it. First of all, it smells like public restroom cleaner — I can’t think of any other way to describe it. Slathering it all over your face is a test in futility because of the scent alone. Second, it doesn’t appear to actually do anything. Now perhaps my skin is already just so perfectly revitalized that I don’t really need it, but it seems to me the more likely option is that this particular mask is pretty meh. I’ll continue using it till I run out, but hard pass on it, and unless it starts doing something magical on my face, I won’t be repurchasing.

LE Makeup: The Sephora Minnie’s World of Color palette

This isn’t really a review on the product — I’m debating whether I’m even going to use it at all or just leave it as a collector’s item on display. If I do decide to use it, then expect a complete review! I can tell you how they swatch on the arm but as of now not how they perform on the eye.

However, I swatched the entire thing and wanted to go into more detail about each shadow than I could in an Instagram caption, so hopefully you’ve come from Instagram to check this post out. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can get regular reviews about all the latest and greatest makeup products (including a LOT of cruelty-free)!

This palette is $45 and holds within it 20 eyeshadows and a mirror, all of which are removable so you can use the case as a clutch. That, in and of itself, is the cutest idea ever, and it would make for an extremely adorable purse when you’re going out with friends or on a date.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

Overall, I think the price is extremely comparable to other Sephora LE palettes and very competitive with other higher end brands. Since it’s Disney themed, all the shadows are named appropriately, and there’s a good range of mattes and shimmers and neutrals and color. Let’s take a look inside!


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

I love that there are four larger neutrals in the center that you can use as base colors or transitions, but overall the pan sizes are pretty small. I actually found it difficult to swatch the smaller shadows with my finger without making a mess in the rest of the palette because of their size. There are some really amazing shadows in this palette, and unfortunately some real duds.


Photo copyright Daisyhead by Mary 2016

First off, I created this collage and permanently deleted the original photos before realizing I put rows 1 and 2 out of order, so I’m really sorry about that!!! I’ll review each row in the order that they appear in this photo to avoid any confusion. These swatches were all done without primer.


  • YOO-HOO! This is a mint green satin finish. It’s unfortunately not very pigmented, and I had to build it up quite a bit on my arm, but it might be a lot better over primer or concealer (as could be the case with all the shadows that didn’t swatch well). I kind of think this particular shade is difficult to formulate because both Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows that are similar are also lacking in pigmentation.
  • EX-BOYFRIEND This is a shimmery silver greige with some lavendar undertones. It’s pretty buttery and pigmented but a little on the chunky side (it blends out pretty well, however).
  • SOME LIKE IT DOT This is a metallic bronze/gold. I think this is one of the best shadows in the entire palette — it’s pigmented, smooth, and has a really nice finish.
  • MICKEY’S SQUEEZE This is a glittery lavendar with a satin finish. The color payoff of this shadow is only mediocre, and the glitter makes it SUPER chunky. I would expect a pretty good amount of fallout when using it for an eye look, unfortunately.
  • BLUE RHYTHM This is a very pale blue matte finish. It’s one of the worst, if not THE worst, shadows in the entire palette. It applies patchy and has barely any color payoff at all. It does feel very velvety and may perform better with a brush, but it’s pretty awful when swatched.


  • FLIRT IN A SKIRT This is a medium cool-toned brown matte finish. It barely shows up at all, even after several layers, like Blue Rhythm. I found this to be the case with nearly every matte shadow in the palette.
  • HELLO, MICKEY! This is a cool-toned bright pink matte finish. It’s oddly chunky, despite being a matte (usually that occurs in glitters or metallics), and it applied patchy.
  • PUT A BOW ON IT This is a bone colored matte finish. It would be perfect for setting your eye primer or for a very subtle highlight under the browbone.
  • DAISY’S MY BFF This is a bright white matte finish. This isn’t a super pigmented white shadow but would also be a great option for a subtle highlight under the browbone or for the inner corner.
  • I’M ALL EARS This is a black matte finish. I have a lot of better black shadows that are much more pigmented, but this isn’t terrible. It would be good for smoking out the lower lashline or blending out black eyeliner.

ROW THREE (This is by far the best row of the entire palette):

  • PUPPY LOVE This is a pale yellow-peach matte finish. Another good option for setting primer or for a subtle highlight, but I think it would also look good on the entire lid for a neutral no makeup look.
  • STARLET This is a soft metallic peachy pink. I think this is a gorgeous shadow that is perfect for spring and would look incredible on  the entire lid for a soft look.
  • RED CARPET ARRIVAL This is a silver metallic with some subtle beige undertones. Like Some Like It Dot, the color payoff and texture of this shadow is awesome. It would look incredible on the lid, the inner corner, or under the browbone depending upon what sort of look you’re creating.
  • GIRLISH APPEAL This is a shimmery aubergine shade satin finish. It’s unfortunately a little chunky, but it blends out well and has better pigmentation than many of the other shimmers in the palette. I love that it’s a darker shadow in the palette but not too moody.
  • SO DEMURE This is a navy blue satin finish. I really like this shadow a lot — despite it also being a little chunky, it blends out well and is a really gorgeous shade. I love that it leans a little more towards a rich royal blue than a dark, cool-toned navy that you find in a lot of other palettes.


  • MISS MINNIE This is a metallic coppery red. This swatches much more subtly than it looks in pan, but it’s still a really gorgeous color that I think would build up well. I think it’s kind of an odd choice for Minnie, but I suppose a bright red shadow wouldn’t be very popular.
  • BIG SHOES TO FILL This is a glittery goldenrod yellow with a satin finish. Like Mickey’s Squeeze, this is a super chunky shadow due to the glitter. It is a gorgeous color, however, and is perfect for spring and summer.
  • PICK ME UP AT 8 This is a matte neutral brown. Since all the other matte shadows in this palette are pretty terrible, I was surprised by how AWESOME this particular shade is. It’s very pigmented and one of the best shadows in all.
  • WHOOPEE PARTY This is a matte blue-violet. This is unfortunately lacking in pigmentation and blendability, but I think it could work really well over a white or black shadow base. It’s such a gorgeous color that’s pretty unique.
  • BE MY BOW This is a metallic gunmetal silver with a satin finish (the metallic is to indicate that it’s like metal rather than a metallic finish). This shadow isn’t too bad at all — it’s pretty pigmented and smooth and would look great with any glam look.

I was surprised by how many misses I found in this palette because Sephora shadows are usually pretty good. I own the Jem & the Holograms LE palette and am very happy with how incredible all the shadows are. It seems to me they spent more time and effort on the packaging for this palette rather than what’s inside. However, as I mentioned before, these might be a lot better over primer and blended out using brushes. I do own a lot of shadows/palettes by brands that swatch beautifully with one swipe on clean, unprimed skin, however.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this palette, though. The packaging is some of the absolute best ANY company has unveiled, and the fact that you can convert it into a clutch is so awesome. If you’re a Disney lover, you should really consider adding this to your collection!

To purchase your own, click here.